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Elegance and futurism

Ernesto Gismondi and Sergio Mazza joined forces to create Artemide in 1960. They shared a vision for a brand dedicated to designing lighting products that enhance people's lives. By combining intuition, experience, and customer-focused research, Artemide brings elegance and futurism to their lighting pieces. Their iconic collections like Tizio, Tolomeo, and the apple-inspired Pirce collection have left a lasting impact in the world of lighting. With a wide range of options available, whether you're in search of a floor lamp, pendant light, or something in between, Artemide has got you covered.

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Italian origin

In 1960, Artemide was established in Milan by Ernesto Gismondi and Sergio Mazza. The Italian roots are highly valued and can be seen in every product. Famous designers affiliated with Artemide include Giancarlo Fassina, Michele de Lucchi, Ernesto Gismondi, Karim Rashid and Adrien Gardère

Artemide is committed to experimenting in its quest to improve lighting technology. The specialised Artemide research centre generates many insights.

In addition to the usual Artemide design series, it also offers a wide range of architectural lighting under the name Artemide Architectural.

Sustainable development

Artemide believes it is very important that their lighting is sustainably developed, which is reflected throughout the entire production process.

Their products' designs avoid the use of materials that are difficult to recycle. Attention is paid to ensure that raw materials are used carefully. The company strives to design products that consume a minimum amount of energy during production and as an end product. In addition, these delightful creations are carefully packaged with a view to minimising the amount of waste and making that waste easier to recycle by the end user.

Artemide's commitment goes even further by giving workshops and seminars. The brand name is trying to share its knowledge of sustainable lighting and its views on the environment.

The Human Light

"The Human Light" perfectly expresses the philosophy Artemide follows when designing their lighting. Artemide always bases its work on human needs. The Italian designer brand name strives to create well-thought out designs that are a significant and useful addition to everyday life.

So, flexibility and adaptability are the major strengths of their stylish designs. Lighting is harmonised with the room, the mood and the consumer's life stage.

The Artemide Lamps are considered on an international level as icons of contemporary design.