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Ingo Maurer

Lighting made with playful brilliance

Ingo Maurer, the brand known for its innovative lighting, was born from a love for the interplay of light, design, and technology. Since 1966, the founder's creativity and passion have brought light into homes, turning each piece into a work of art. From the iconic Birdie and Lucellino to the stunning Zettel'z collection, Ingo Maurer continues to illuminate your world with its unique and inspiring creations

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Ingo Maurer is the founder of his eponymously named German company. This designer label was established in 1963 under the name "Design M" and later renamed "Ingo Maurer GmbH". Right from its foundation, this exceptional designer label guarantees impressive and surprising designs. For example, one of the first designs, the "Bulb", was an instant hit.

Ingo Maurer was solely responsible for all of the designs during the first 15 years. Thereafter, he was supported by a team of young designers, such as the Italian Raffaele Celentanoen and the German Axel Schmid.

Light bulb

Characteristic of the nostalgic Ingo Maurer lighting are references to elements from childhood. The designs appear as if a little piece of a fantasy world has been added to the surroundings. A great example is the lighting in the I Ricchi Poveri collection, a collection full of magic and nostalgia.

Another characteristic element of the Ingo Maurer designs is the traditional light bulb. Many of his designs are an ode to Edison.

Innovation and public works

As an innovative company, Ingo Maurer is a leader in designer lighting with LED and OLED technology. The brand has carried out pioneering experiments in the development of luminous carpet and LED wallpaper.

Moreover, the designer label likes to be enticed into producing impressive public artworks. A good example is the Torre Velasca in Milan.

It's not surprising that Ingo Maurer designs have won awards in the fields of decoration, design and innovation. His designs are also exhibited in design museums, such as the Municipal Museum of Amsterdam.

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Ingo Maurer