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Making spaces shine with natural light

LEDS-C4 is a true master when it comes to lighting creation. With no less than 50 years of experience under their belt, they are the absolute experts in lighting solutions. After all, lighting plays a crucial role in our daily lives, so it is no surprise that it adds comfort, well-being and functionality to any space. Whether in an inhospitable area or an architectural detail, LEDS-C4 knows better than anyone else how to bring out the beauty of any landscape and interior through natural light.

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Supporting sustainability together

The history of LEDS-C4 is closely linked to La Segarra, a plateau in the Spanish province of Lleida, surrounded by fields and pine forests. The natural environment strengthens the foundation of the company, a fine and inspiring working environment where every employee is involved in the common goal.

Innovative design

LEDS-C4 has more than half a century of experience in developing customised projects that are highly valued in the cultural sector, as well as on the hospitality, contract and residential markets. This knowledge forms the basis for ongoing research into the possibilities offered by lighting. Consequently, they offer advanced lighting solutions where design and innovation take centre stage.

Quality light for any room

At LEDS-C4, they understand the importance of good lighting at every moment of our lives and in the spaces that shape them. Whether in the home, the office or even outdoors. Every space needs lighting that is strategically designed to achieve its main purpose - nurturing everyone who dwells in that space. With more than 50 years of experience, they strive to always provide the best light each and every day.

Spaces become places where there is good lighting design.