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Inspired by the vibrant design culture of 1978 Milan, Luceplan is dedicated to delivering high-quality and innovative products. Explore popular collections like "Blow" and "Costanzina" that effortlessly blend aesthetic charm with practical ingenuity. Discover the simplicity and sophistication of Luceplan, a brand that captivates modern design enthusiasts seeking elegance in their living spaces.

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Ecological and timeless designs as trademarks

Luceplan seeks out solutions that minimises their environmental footprint from the design phase through to packaging. Preference is given to recyclable materials and the goal is to reduce waste generation. The company also strives to package products efficiently. Luceplan also provides spare parts to extend the lifespan of products.

Sustainability also means that the designs are timeless concepts, independent of the whims of fashion. There's good reason that Costanza ("constancy") is the name of the famous Luceplan design! It is a timeless design of excellent quality and available in various models and colours.

Italian designer lighting with a vision

In 1978, Luceplan was established by the three architects Riccardo Sarfatti, Paolo Rizzatto and Sandra Severi. The origin of the company is rooted in their earlier collaboration with Gino Sarfatti, the founder of Arteluce. In the meantime, Luceplan has been a worldwide success since 2010 and is a member of the Philips Consumer Luminaires business.

Being a company that was established during the oil crisis, Luceplan is committed to sustainable development. So, it's not surprising that Luceplan plays an important role in the development of LED lighting technology.

A balance between art and technology

An interesting study being carried out by Luceplan is researching how to improve acoustics using specially designed lighting. The Luceplan Pétale and the Luceplan Silenzio address this goal using specific designs and materials.

The Luceplan Mesh is the beautiful outcome of research into the improvement and use of LED lighting. The design of this elegant pendant lamp was inspired by the Fibonacci sequence that is found in nature. The LED lighting can be fully adjusted to personal taste and intended purpose.

We avoid any formalism, focusing on offering technologically evolved lighting fixtures for flexible use.