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Crafting captivating atmospheres with light

Step into the radiant world of Marset, founded in 1965. This Spanish brand shapes spaces with its unique collections like Discoco. Inspired by disco balls, Discoco features overlapping discs that create captivating light patterns. With various sizes and finishes, Discoco adds elegance and whimsy to any space. Discover Marset, where light and innovation craft captivating atmospheres.

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First steps as a foundry

Marset is a Spanish company that was established in Barcelona by Francisco Marset in 1965. Originally a foundry, it was transformed into a successful designer label. Their years of experience in manipulating materials is reflected in the outstanding quality of their lighting.

The company, currently headed by Javier Marset, works worldwide with successful designers, such as Antonio Miro, Joan Gaspar, Christophe Mathieu and Francesc Rife. This broad collaboration results in an interesting variety of collections.

A wide range of lighting

Marset creates designs that lean toward the 1960s and 1970s, yet still surprise you with a beautiful modern design. Whether vintage or contemporary, Marset designs always stand for high quality.

You can also go to Marset for innovative master strokes and practical designs. An example is the FollowMe table lamp, a portable table lamp with a warm stylish look. A beautiful outcome of innovative design work can be seen in the Pleat Box Collection. It is a beautiful pendant lamp made with a mixture of ceramic and plastic that are specially designed to mimic the folds in fabric.

Unique materials and fascinating combinations

Marset distinguishes itself from other designer labels by experimenting a lot with new materials. This results in innovative designs that can count on an enthusiastic welcome.

A unique design is the fascinating Marset Ginger that consists of lamps made primarily of wood. Compressing thin discs of wood and layers of paper creates a unique lamp with a very thin subtle form. In contrast, the Mercer table lamp combines a glass enclosure with an internal cotton finish. The pleated cotton combined with the glass creates a delicate warm glow.

Through good design, Marset aims to conveys its most essential values: quality, technological rigor, innovation, sustainability, durability, and authenticity.