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At Nordlux, we create lamps that capture your heart effortlessly. With a clear goal in mind, our mission is to fill, shape, and elevate interiors with our exquisite lamps. Since 1977, our collection has embodied a design philosophy that blends innovation with the sleek simplicity of Scandinavian design. Our aim is to make lighting accessible to all, offering a diverse range of products from modern LED lamps to timeless pendant lamps. Each piece contributes to crafting a cosy and welcoming atmosphere in any home.

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Danish designer lighting

Nordlux was founded in 1977. From the very beginning, the goal has been to produce high quality products at low prices. Until this day, Nordlux has been successful in making designer lighting affordable, without renouncing the functionality of the products.

Nordlux's lighting is characterized by an elegant Scandinavian style. The company strives to be the first to implement international trends and designs in its products. This is how they continuously launch attractive products on the market. However, this does not imply that Nordux's lighting is not timeless, because it most certainly is.

Good value for your money

Nordlux produces lighting for a large target group. The designs are consistently affordable and durable. This company gets its juice from tangible results, innovation and satisfied customers. Moral topics such as socially responsible entrepreneurship are other very important focus areas.

Nordlux aspires to become the market leader in Scandinavia, but outside of this area the company would also like to consolidate its position and grow stronger. That is why Nordlux does not only spend ample time on the design, but also the technology and functionality behind the looks are of vital importance. The ensemble of these factors needs to make sense and all fittings should be able to withstand the ravages of time.

Indoor and outdoor lighting

The Nordlux product range contains both indoor and outdoor lighting. The mood these fittings create is the central theme for both kinds of lighting. Outdoor lighting for instance prolongs sweet summer nights. During the winter it grants the house a special atmosphere. Indoor lighting brings out the best of each room in the house and generates an enjoyable atmosphere.

Nordlux's lighting is simple in terms of design, but it looks attractive and original. It makes the fittings very recognizable. A few examples of successful collections are Rold and Mono.

"Lifting people's quality of life with light."