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Normann Copenhagen

Where playfulness meets sophistication

Normann Copenhagen's designs are as imaginative as a child's play and as captivating as a well-crafted novel. Combining aesthetics and functionality effortlessly, we invite you to a world of simplicity, comfort, and a touch of daring. Discover, enjoy, and be inspired! Founded in 1999 by Poul Madsen and Jan Andersen, Normann Copenhagen dares to challenge traditional design rules. With a constant quest for innovative use of materials, we create a wide range of distinctive designs. For us, it's not just about selling products, but offering a lifestyle.

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Popular products

Norm 69, the start of a success story

The first item launched by the Danish label in 2002 was the Norm 69. A design by Simon Karkov, whose 69 refers both to the year Karkov designed the lamp and the number of pieces it consists of. The design remained undiscovered since 1969, until an acquaintance of the Danish designer suggested a collaboration between the experienced Karkov and the start-up that Normann Copenhagen was at the time in 2001.

When you receive this now iconic lamp, you still have to put it together yourself but what a gem it is once you have puzzled all 69 pieces together. With the introduction of this lamp, the tone was set and Normann Copenhagen soon conquered the design world with innovative lighting and unique Scandinavian design.

Simon Legald

Anyone scrolling through Normann Copenhagen's products will remarkably often come across Simon Legald as a designer. He is Normann Copenhagen's regular in-house designer, with dozens of product families behind his name.

Simon's distinctive way of working helps make Normann recognisable. Time and again, he manages to bring striking elements from everyday life back into his designs. The Amp lamp, for instance, is based on parts of his guitar amplifier. Taking things apart and then doing something completely different with them is something he is particularly good at, given his background as an engineer.

Connecting people and spaces

Normann Copenhagen's tagline is "connecting people and spaces". They themselves describe it as the belief that through great design they can connect people and their surroundings and improve their lives.

They therefore strive to become one of the world leaders in design. Only then can they make their mark enough to make a difference. By combining functionality and design and meeting the demands of the modern world, both in terms of your home and work.

We believe in uniting people and spaces across the world and improving the quality of people’s lives through the power of great design.

Normann Copenhagen