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Petite Friture

Elegant French design

Based in France, Petite Friture embodies elegance, accessibility, and creativity. Through their popular Vertigo collection, this brand showcases a unique blend of young designers' talent and sustainable practices. Each Petite Friture lamp adds character and sophistication to any room, reflecting the brand's commitment to high quality and captivating design. Connect with Petite Friture - where design meets simplicity and exceptional craftsmanship.

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Unconventional design & purpose-driven company

Petite Friture has made a name for itself as a design editor like no other, a universe to lived in with a wholly independant style and tone. Now available in more than 30 countries through selected outlets, the 30-strong team behind the independent french company has become more international with over 60 designers to its name and continues to push boldly forward to unearth new talents and to nurture a project with purpose.

Petite friture is proud to take a stand, seeking out the best solutions at every step of the way, using the right techniques and right people to better serve the planet and do something good. Petite friture is more than just a design editor, it is a state of mind grounded in trust and optimism. Its ambition: contribute, through their collection, to making good out of beauty.

Since January 2023, Petite Friture is a purpose-driven company.

Petite Friture's social and environmental commitments are now enshrined in the company’s articles of association. In as early as 2010, manufacturing of the now-iconic Vertigo suspension light was entrusted to APF France handicap (a french non-profit fighting for disability rights) thereby laying the foundations of Petite Friture's commitment to helping others and advocating for an open and inclusive society built on solidarity. That commitment has grown over time, today as a purpose-driven company, they create pieces that are well though-out: durability, improving theri eco-design, responsible pieces, and embracing the virtues of circularity.

Some important numbers:

  • 70% European production & a major part of European production is French.
  • 52% of the pieces in Petite Friture's collections offer a 5-year warranty.
  • 67% of the furniture is either mono-material or can be disassembled.
  • 65% of the company's products currently offer 100% recyclable packaging.


Petite Friture, unveiling talents

Petite Friture, the main design editor for Constance Guisset and one of their newest arrivals, Samy Rio, is above all else about having a keen eye for curation. Identifying French and international talents with a singular identity, unveiling their creative prowess, and accompanying them through a flourishing career.

Their stories stand the test of time, like Constance Guisset who has been there since the beginning; incorporating new stories into a constellation of emerging talent. A balance of ages through which Petite Friture renews itself, constantly evolving the way the company views the problems we face today and tomorrow.

Beauty that resonates, surprises, and uplifts. The Petite Friture way.

Petite Friture