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PSM Lighting

The magic of design and atmosphere

Psmlighting is passionate about lighting and design. As a proud Belgian company with a rich family tradition, they bring a unique perspective to lighting. The goal is simple: to create the perfect atmosphere that brings your space to life and illuminates your dreams. With its unrivaled sense of style and functionality, the brand is more than just a lighting company - they are a partner in crafting spaces you'll love. Whether it's indoor or outdoor lighting, for personal or public use, Psmlighting has got you covered.

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100% Belgian lighting

Psmlighting is a 100% Belgian company where everything happens under one roof: from concept to design, production and finishing. And because they produce everything themselves, without relying on external partners, you can always count on top-quality lighting. This focus on quality is one of the Belgian lighting brand's core strengths in their production process.

The brand runs its own production in Belgium, so it can be ever-more flexible, and specialise more and more in customised lighting, year after year - creating the lighting that you've always dreamed of.

Family business at its best

The PSM Lighting brand name refers to Pieter and Saskia Mortier, who started the company in 1992. The emergence of this brand was the perfect continuation of the lighting store that their father Gerard Mortier had run previously. They used these many years of experience as installers and salespeople to start developing their own light fittings and fill a gap in the market.

With over 30 years of experience behind them, this family business closely follows the latest trends to inspire their designs every day. Ever since the very start, PSM Lighting has stood for innovative, decorative and timeless designs.

Excellent quality

PSM Lighting takes quality very seriously. So it goes without saying that they always produce their products using high-quality materials such as aluminium, brass and stainless steel. The very first fixtures that the company produced after being set up were recessed spotlights and garden lighting posts made from stainless steel 316 - the best quality stainless steel available. And the brand has never deviated from this path. To this day, almost all garden lighting is produced from stainless steel 316: they insist that anything that comes into contact with the ground needs to be made of stainless steel.

With this in mind, the brand guarantees that you will be able to continue enjoying your lighting for many years, both for your garden and your interior.

Belgian family company that develops, cares for and nurtures every product entirely in-house until we hand it over to you.

PSM Lighting