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Goodbye chilly and impersonal, hello cosiness!

In the past, light bulbs created a warm and romantic atmosphere in the home. Unfortunately, the use of these unique bulbs declined with the advent of LED lighting. But don't worry, there is now a great solution: Segula's LED lights. These lamps combine the cosiness of old-fashioned incandescent bulbs with the energy-efficient benefits of LED technology. With Segula, you not only get a sustainable solution, but cosiness also returns to your home.

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Edison light bulb

Hankering back to the 'the good old days' for romantic light bulbs? Segula has the answer. By developing LED lamps that radiate the beauty of old light bulbs and have the efficiency of LED lamps, they have won over many hearts. In doing so, they're aiming to compose an ode to the Edison lamp. And, in our opinion, they have certainly succeeded.

Technological finesse

In fact, a lot of research was carried out to achieve this goal. If we take a closer look at Segula lamps, we see that these contain filigree LED elements of the highest quality. In addition to a pleasant light colour between 2,200 and 2,600 Kelvin, the lamps look beautiful. The passive cooling of the LED ensures that the lamp does not become too hot, which increases its lifespan.

Something for everyone

Segula has introduced some wonderful collections to the market. The Vintage Line does everything to awaken nostalgic feelings and make you reminisce about the classic Edison lamps. The Bright Line also has a retrospective appearance. This collection brings the best of the designs from the 1950s and 1960s to the fore. Would you rather have something a little more sleeker and modern? If so, the Design Line will certainly be to your taste. The Ambient Line has a useful feature that allows you to easily adjust the colour temperature.

Let's make the world a little brighter and a little greener.