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SG Lighting

Unique lighting with a passion for durability

SG Lighting, a renowned brand in the lighting industry, was established in 1990. Based in Norway, the company offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. Known for their functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing designs, SG Lighting products enhance various spaces. With innovative technologies, high-quality materials, and modern designs, they have gained popularity in both residential and commercial settings.

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Scandinavian natural

This brand, founded by Knut Sædal, comes straight from Norway and prides itself on its Scandinavian heritage. They are great at creating sleek, minimalist designs that will totally brighten up your space. These lamps are not just lighting fixtures, they are statement pieces that shine in both domestic and commercial spaces.

SG lighting has an extensive range of products: pendant lights, ceiling lights, wall lights for indoors, and even path and garden lights for outdoors. They are the absolute pioneers in smart lighting solutions, offering products that integrate seamlessly with smart home systems.

Go for LED

Their LED lights attract a large audience, not only because of their top quality, but also because they use much less energy than traditional lighting. And let's not forget how great the Junistar and Zip collections are. These designs have three big advantages: a sleek and contemporary design, they are directional ánd they use LED technology, which means they are hugely energy-efficient.

We are passionate about lighting, proud of what we deliver and feel responsible towards our customers.