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Inventors since 1959

Invention is in the Steinel DNA. They have filed more than 300 patents in the sixty years since the company was founded. Some of these inventions revolutionised their industry.

The ideas for their innovations are always based on the same simple principle: look beyond one's own boundaries and remain critical. They do this by staying in constant contact with their customers, consumers, and employees. With an open mind for new ideas, without restrictions, and always in the interest of people and the environment.

Energy-efficient and intelligent

Energy consumption and sustainability are two of the major themes of our time. Steinel plays a useful role in this by only switching on its lights when necessary. They switch on automatically thanks to the built-in sensors and switch off automatically when the lights are no longer needed.

By using sensors in combination with innovative LED technology, Steinel lighting can save up to 90% on energy compared to traditional lighting.

Save even more with solar lamps

Do you want to save more than 90%? Steinel solar lighting doesn't use any energy at all. The solar lamps are equipped with a solar panel that converts sunlight into energy. This energy is stored in a battery.

When it gets dark, the charged battery is used to make the lamps shine. Make sure you always install your solar lamps in a sunny place. This is the only way to get the most out of it.

We think outside the box and scrutinise things that are taken for granted.