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Combining functionality and aesthetic appeal

Founded in the heart of Belgium, Trizo21 creates and manufactures cutting-edge architectural lighting solutions that seamlessly combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. Its dedication to craftsmanship and commitment to eco-friendly technologies make the brand a highly sought-after option for both residential and commercial spaces.

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Trizo21 is a Belgian lighting brand. They produce contemporary high quality lighting fixtures, usually characterized by playful but meaningful names (Pin-up, 2save, Min-pi). Bruno Van Meenen started his activities in the lighting industry in the year 1986. He founded The Trizo21 brand a few years later in 2001. The designing of a serie wall, ceiling and pendant lights immediately resulted in a success.

Trizo21 LED lighting

In 2005, Trizo21 entered the market with a completely new LED collection. Trizo21 knows how to fully exploit the LED technology thanks to the continuous engagement from human resources and research. The Trizo21 LED lamps deliver excellent lighting quality combined with a low electricity usage. The achievement of the Design Plus award with the Code LED Out fixture in 2010 is excellent evidence for the quality of the Trizo21 lighting. The innovativeness, technology and ecological quality of the fixture were the deciding factor in this achievement.

Versatile and reliable lighting

Trizo21 offers lighting suited for numerous applications. The design and assembling of the products happens fully internally. Extremely much care is given to technological perfection, quality materials and sublime finishing. Therefore partners and suppliers are thoroughly analysed before they decide to start a cooperation. The lighting fixtures are made of solid aluminum and consequently extremely strong and reliable.

Trizo21 believes architectural lighting should be pure and stripped of unnecessary frills.